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DEN Self Care

Organic Castor Oil Salve (made to order)

Organic Castor Oil Salve (made to order)

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Get Back To The Basics With Our Made To Order Castor Oil Salve And One Of Our Old Fashion Natural Cotton Flannels.

Natural Cottol Flannel + Organic Castor Oil Salve = Perfect To Use As A Abdominal Wrap To Aid In Digestion, Relieve Constipation, Encourage Fertility And Ease Menstrual Cramps. Castor Oil Wraps Are Also Known To Aid In Detoxification, Relieve Pain, Encourage Blood Circulation And Overall Healing.  

*Made To Order With USDA Organic Natural & Simple Ingredients 
*Honors D.E.N’s Minimal Ingredient Promise 

Organic shea butter, Organic Castor Oil & Organic vegetable glycerin 

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